Avoid Tooth Extractions By Coming in at the First Sign of Trouble
By Your Family Dentist
June 23, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Cracked ToothFind out why you should call your Peoria, AZ dentist right away if you are experiencing a toothache.

Our teeth are pretty resilient, but over time teeth can begin to wear down due to teeth grinding, trauma, decay or simply age. Over time this can cause unpleasant and persistent tooth pain. If you put off seeing your Peoria, AZ dentist Dr. Yati Yadav when the pain starts you increase the chances of needing more aggressive dental treatment in the future. Find out what signs should have you calling us right away so you can avoid needing a tooth extraction.

What are the signs of a cracked tooth?

Since cracked teeth are often the main culprits for needing a tooth extraction it’s important to know the symptoms. Cracked teeth will often cause pain, particularly when chewing or putting pressure on your teeth. You may also experience dental pain to hot or cold foods and drinks. The pain may be persistent or may come and go.

How will my Peoria, AZ dentist treat my cracked tooth?

There are different ways a tooth can crack, which will ultimately affect how your Peoria dentist treats your condition. Tiny cracks known as craze lines are superficial, affecting only the outer enamel of the tooth. These are fairly common problems and often cause no pain and won’t require treatment.

If a piece of your tooth’s chewing surface has cracked or broken off, this is known as a fractured cusp. This condition rarely affects the internal structure of the tooth, so you may not experience pain. Your Peoria dentist often treats these cases with a dental filling or dental crown.

An actual cracked tooth means that the crack goes from the crown of your tooth to the root. These types of cracks can also continue to worsen. In order to save the tooth, diagnosing this condition right away is key. Even if the crack has reached the pulp of the tooth, your Peoria, AZ dentist can still treat it with a root canal.

However, if the crack goes below the gumline, this is not treatable and we will need to perform an extraction. That’s why it’s important to come in for treatment at the first sign of dental pain and discomfort, before your condition worsens. By seeing us as soon as possible, you can save your tooth from permanent damage.

Will a cracked tooth completely heal after treatment?

While there are treatments to restore strength and function back into the tooth, a cracked tooth will never heal. Some cracks may even become worse over time, so it’s important to see your Peoria, AZ dentist for routine checkups.

Are there ways to prevent my teeth from cracking?

If you grind or clench your teeth, talk to your Peoria, AZ dentist about custom mouthguards or other techniques for avoiding this bad habit. Also don’t chew on ice or other hard objects like pen caps, which can put unnecessary pressure on your teeth. If you play sports, be sure to wear a mouthguard and facemask at all times.

Protect and preserve your smile by nipping minor issues in the bud before they turn into irreversible problems. If you are experiencing any changes in your smile or discomfort then it’s time to call your Peoria, AZ dentist at Your Family Dentist today.