What is Crown Lengthening?
By Your Family Dentist, PC
October 05, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out if your damaged tooth could be treated with this dental procedure.

Have you fractured or broken a tooth all the way down to the gumline? Looking for treatments to fix the problem for good? Your Peoria,Crown Lengthening AZ dentists Dr. Yati Yadav and Dr. Ben Koolick are here to help with crown lengthening.

What is crown lengthening?

This is a common dental surgery that requires us to remove bone or gum tissue to expose more of a tooth’s surface.

Why has my Peoria dentist recommended getting a crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is most often performed when a tooth is damaged or broken and needs to be fixed. When there isn’t enough of the tooth above the gumline to actually support a dental filling or crown, then your Peoria, AZ dentist will first perform a crown lengthening. The procedure is also used in the case of a “gummy smile” (where too much gum tissue is exposed when smiling).

What does this procedure entail?

This cosmetic procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you won’t feel any discomfort. The length of the treatment will depend on how many teeth are being treated.

Incisions will be made in the gums to pull them away from the teeth. In some cases, just removing some of the gum tissue is all that’s needed to expose an even amount of the tooth’s surface. Sometimes, however, we will also need to remove bone from around the roots of the tooth. Once enough of the tooth is exposed, we will thoroughly clean the treated area before stitching up the gums.

What should I expect after my crown lengthening?

You will be prescribed a pain reliever to help ease any discomfort you may feel afterwards. If you experience any swelling, applying ice can help to temporarily alleviate your symptoms.

Your Peoria, AZ dentist will also let you know when you need to come back in to get your stitches out (this usually occurs about a week after your procedure). Keep in mind that it will take your gums about three months or so to heal before we can place a permanent crown over your tooth.

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