The Benefits of Dental Crowns
By Your Family Dentist, PC
April 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out whether this restoration could improve and enhance your crowns

Restorative dentistry is often exactly what someone needs to get their smile’s health and appearance back on track. If you are dealing with extensive decay or an injured tooth then our Peoria, AZ, dentist Dr. Yati Yadav may recommend getting a dental crown. So, what is a dental crown exactly and what does it do? We are here to explain the process so it’s a little clearer.

Dental crowns are pretty versatile restorations because they can be used for both cosmetic and restorative reasons. In many cases, this hollow tooth-shaped cap is designed to fit over a tooth to provide protection and support, particularly to teeth that are weak or damaged. If you have a tooth that has significant decay, an active infection or has taken a direct blow then you may require a dental crown at some point.

A crown is cemented into place over a tooth to become its new and more durable outer surface, ensuring that the natural tooth is preserved and doesn’t incur more damage. Each dental crown that you get will be custom-made to fit your tooth precisely for a comfortable fit each time.

A dental crown is often placed over a tooth to support it after it has undergone root canal therapy, and it can sometimes be placed over a tooth that has extensive decay that a dental filling won’t be able to fully support. A dental crown can also cover a broken, cracked or severely worn tooth.

Along with supporting and protecting a damaged tooth, a dental crown can also be instrumental in treating tooth loss. If you are planning to get a dental implant from our Peoria, AZ, general dentist then we will also need to have a dental crown created to place over the implant to cover it. The crown is the portion of the implant that is actually visible when you smile (the implant itself is placed within the jawbone so you won’t ever see this small metal post).

If you are getting a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth then dental crowns will be connected to both sides of the bridge where they are placed over natural neighboring teeth to support the false teeth in the middle and to fill the gap left over by one or more missing teeth in a row.

Of course, as we mentioned before, dental crowns aren’t just for restorative dental purposes. They can also be ideal for improving the appearance of your smile. In fact, if you are dealing with malformed/misshapen teeth or severe discolorations then you may want to consider placing a dental crown over the tooth to drastically improve the color, shape and size of the tooth and to achieve a more symmetrical and attractive smile.

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